Lisbon Considered the Best Cruise Port and Best Cruise Destination in Europe

Lisbon Considered the Best Cruise Port and Best Cruise Destination in Europe

The port of Lisbon won, surprisingly, the recompense for the Best Cruise Port Europe, and the city of Lisbon, the second time, the grant for the Best Cruise Destination Europe, which were conveyed in Athens, in 02 august, amid the 21st World Travel Awards – Europe 2014.

Notwithstanding Lisbon were additionally designated for both classifications the urban areas of Amsterdam, Copenhagen and Venice.

lisboncruiseportThe Administration of the Port of Lisbon is charmed with the achievement of these honors, which are the distinguishment of the nature of the tourism item offered and also the productive relationship and complementarity cooperation between the city and its port.

Most importantly, these triumphs expands the universal distinguishment of the city and the port, bringing about expanded perceivability, which will be further improved with the new Cruise Terminal in Lisbon, which will surely be a reference on the global journey showcase and will put Lisbon among the best ports and urban areas concerning this movement, subsequently helping towards the union of vacation spots in the city, region, and nation.

The World Travel Awards respect the best cases of great practices in the tourism area, and it is in this feeling that APL has worked and will keep on meeting expectations, starting now, together with the LCT – Lisbon Cruise Terminals to seeking after a typical objective – to drive the port and the city of Lisbon, as a journey goal of magnificence.

Is critical likewise to allude that the port of Lisbon won the recompense for Best International Cruise Port in 2011, recompensed by the Spanish gathering Cruise News Media Group, as a consequence of a study of more than 2,000 voyage travelers. This recompense was conveyed in Bilbao, in the second release Cruise Awards of Excellence, for the Atlantic and northern Europe.

Lisbon was the Europe’s Leading Cruise Destination in 2009 and in the wake of winning this grant, the port and the city of Lisbon were since 2010 again assigned for World Travel Awards – World and Europe.