New Port Terminal of Lisbon Finished in July 2016

New Port Terminal of Lisbon Finished in July 2016

New Cruise terminal of Lisbon should start in 2015

Consortium winner of the contest created a company to manage the cruise terminal in Lisbon and appointed a General Manager: in his first interview, Ricardo Ferreira explains the great challenges.
The operator of the new cruise terminal of the Lisbon want to anticipate the inauguration of this infrastructure designed by architect Carrilho da Graça for the second quarter 2016, when the date specified in the contract is July of that year. “The opening of the new cruise terminal of Lisbon should take place in July 2016. According to the concession agreement, signed on 17 July for a period of 35 years, have two years to complete the work, so this would have to occur July 17, 2016, but we intend to make it happen before, probably in the second quarter of 2016, “says Ricardo Ferreira, General Manager of Lisbon Cruise Terminals (LCT).

New-Lisbon-Terminal2LCT is in the final phase for the selection of candidates to build the new terminal, an investment estimated at 22.7 million euro, is expected that the works are started in early 2015.

LCT is the company formed by the consortium that won the tender launched by the Port of Lisbon (APL) to build and manage the new cruise terminal in Lisbon, referred to the Santa Apolonia. The LCT was incorporated with a share capital of 250 000 euro, subscribed by the shareholders to the percentage of positions taken by members of the winner of the consortium.

“The company itself is relatively small, but the groups behind, are companies with a solidity and a ‘know how’ that represent a guarantee for this business,” says Ricardo Ferreira.

The General Manager of LCT explains that “we have the experience of the second largest owner of World Cruises, Royal Caribbean, we have the GPH – Golobal Ports Holding, which is the largest manager of cruise terminals with quality in Europe; we have the experience Creuers of Barcelona, which is the sector leader, responsible for processing 215 million cruise passengers per year, and we have the Sousa Group, which is one of the largest national leader and owners of passenger transport by sea between the islands via [Azores and Madeira] “.

New-Lisbon-Terminal3“These are references that ensure the success of this operation. And this is also the signal represent the first Turkish investment in Portugal by GPH,” stresses Ricardo Ferreira.
After the victory in the contest of APL, the consortium members created the LCT, the company that now manages the cruise port area of Lisbon since 26 August. “We are managing the terminal, with about 1.5 miles long, between Santa Apolonia and Jardim do Tabaco. It is in this area that will be the operation of the cruise business, but already signed protocols with PPA to be able to use, on an exclusive basis, the areas of the Cais da Rocha and Alcantara where the demand for cruise ships to determine, “said Ricardo Ferreira in his first interview as General Manager of LCT.

That’s what happened, a mega-operation, on last 12 September with a total of seven cruise ships carrying 15,000 passengers simultaneously to the port of Lisbon. “That was the first day of peak directly managed by the LCT. Everything went well, it was an eventful day for us. It was our first, I hope, of many of the genus operations, and I want to highlight the role that the lisbon police PSP played in the operation” , said Ricardo Ferreira.