Port 2 – Lisbon Rocha Conde Obidos

Port 2 – Lisbon Rocha Conde Obidos

In Lisbon there are 4 main ports where cruise ships can dock.

Port 1 Terminal is Alcantara
Port 2 Terminal is Rocha Conde Obidos
Port 3 Terminal is Jardim Tabaco
Port 4 Terminal is Santa Apolonia

The Port Number two, Rocha Conde Obidos, is located in the south part of the city, and it’s far from the city center (minimum 1 hour walking distance). There is no metro/subway near. It’s recommended to hire a tour from this port or use public transportation to reach the center of the city.

It’s nearby the other Cruise Port – Alcantara.
The port of Rocha Conde Obidos, has capacity for 1 cruise ship, with a total length of 483 meters.

The Port / Terminal quay Rocha Conde Obidos, is highlighted on the map with number 2