Port 1 – Lisbon Alcantara

Port 1 – Lisbon Alcantara

In Lisbon there are 4 main ports where cruise ships can dock.

Port 1 Terminal is Alcantara
Port 2 Terminal is Rocha Conde Obidos
Port 3 Terminal is Jardim Tabaco
Port 4 Terminal is Santa Apolonia

The Port Number one, Alcantara, is located in the south part of the city, and it’s the most far from the city center (around 1.5 hour walking distance). There is no metro/subway near, but there is a train line. It’s recommended to hire a tour from this port or use public transportation to reach the center of the city.

It’s nearby the other Cruise Port – Rocha Conde Obidos.
The port of Alcantara, has capacity for 1 cruise ship, with a total length of 465 meters.

The Port / Terminal quay of Alcantara, is highlighted on the map with number 1