The Three Cunard’s in Lisbon: Queen Mary 2, Queen Victoria, Queen Elizabeth

The Three Cunard’s in Lisbon: Queen Mary 2, Queen Victoria, Queen Elizabeth

Cunard’s three regal women, the liners Queen Elizabeth, Queen Mary 2 and Queen Victoria docked in Lisbon for family representation last May.

Two, as the old saying goes, is organization – and three is normally viewed as a swarm.

However then, when the pack being referred to is framed by a trio of glamourous journey boats lined up at the same dock, few individuals are liable to grumble about the relative absence of space.

CUNARD-LISBONAlso that has been the situation in Lisbon last May, with three of the world’s most celebrated maritime liners getting together for an uncommon family representation. It is surprising to see the liners in the same spot in the meantime.

The trio additionally got together in June 2012, when they turned up as a group in Southampton to stamp the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee with a showcase of solidarity.

Also they figured out how to synchronize journals in January 2011, seeming together before the Statue of Liberty – after Queen Victoria and Queen Elizabeth had cruised over the Atlantic in pair to meet their kin close by New York’s most legendary point of interest.

Albeit close relations, the boats have unique contrasts. Ruler Mary 2 is the female authority of the gathering – and the greatest. Propelled in March 2003, she is fit for holding up to 2620 travelers, and is the biggest vessel ever to have been assembled for Cunard. She is additionally four years more established than her closest relative Queen Victoria, who was finished in January 2007, and is littler than the Qm2, with a limit of 2014 individuals.

The infant of the cluster is Queen Elizabeth. Developed, adequately, as a trade for her close namesake Queen Elizabeth 2 (the Qe2) – the fantastic broad of the oceans who was resigned in 2008 – she initially cruised in January 2010, and has the capacity transport 2092 holidaymakers.

The huge inquiry, obviously, is the point at which this content triptych will meet once more. The answer, just, is ‘in the not so distant future’. Albeit each of the three touched base in Lisbon from discrete areas – the Qm2 from Rome’s Civitavecchia port, Queen Victoria from Tenerife, Queen Elizabeth from Palma de Mallorca – they are all booked to cruise for home later this evening.

Furthermore each of the three will pull into Southampton on Friday for an alternate family meeting.


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